As I brush the many years of dust and webs off the Crypt Chat I have put up a streamline chat so all can return and converse while I work on getting this place back in order!

Latest Message: 1 month ago
  • OverLord : Welcome back to the Crypt Chat!
  • OverLord : Greetings to all, lets see how many ORIGINALS will return back to Crypt Chat!!
  • OverLord : šŸ˜‰
  • Guru115 : šŸ˜šŸ‘»šŸ˜
  • ?h=5e5fa4d08c185e09f : ?h=5e5fa4d08c185e09fe4da29f0c33dff0&
  • guest_8359 : It's been forever since I participated in the list. I'd love to see something like it revived.
  • Nekron : Hello
  • guest_9882 : Alhamdulillah
  • guest_9882 : Hi
  • guest_9882 :
  • guest_9882 : Vai
  • guest_9371 : Hi
  • Wes : October 31st, 2021 as just checking out some old Halloween pages which I haven't been to, in some time
  • guest_3157 : I was a member years ago but life interrupted my Halloween extravaganzas. Iā€™m back and hoping to build a new haunt in a few years. Looking for some animatronic advice.
  • guest_3157 : Oh Iā€™m not logged in.
  • guest_2312 : Nice
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